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During 1950s and 60s, Elvis Presley dressing style and clothes brought a mammoth change in men’s clothing style. That was a time when clothing for men was very much standardised and any deviation from that standard was very much frowned on by the society in general.

Welcome to ElvisPresleyCostumes.Com – where we know that the King of Rock and Roll is still alive – even if it is only in the hearts of his millions of fans.  Despite the fact that Elvis passed away many decades ago, there is still a huge fan base of Elvis fans and thus, the popularity of the Elvis Presley costume continues to flourish.  At ElvisPresleyCostumes.Com, we take pride in our ability to help you find the most realistic Elvis Presley costumes, get-ups, accessories and everything else you need to pay homage to your hunk-a-hunk-a-burning love for the one and only King – Elvis Aaron Presley, the legend.

The King of Rock lives on in Elvis Presley costumes so real to life that you’ll be jumping around in your ‘blue suede shoes’ in no time!  Elvis was definitely a trend setter in his time, and now you can be, too. We have everything that is needed to create the perfect Elvis Presley costume for your Halloween party, Elvis impersonations, trick-or-treating and more.  Whatever use you have for dressing up like the King, there is an Elvis costume waiting to fulfill it!

When thinking “Elvis costume” most folks think of Elvis’ white rhinestone studded suit that he wore so many times and that was a crowd favorite, but the truth is that you need more than just the suit to pull off the Elvis costume. (By the way, that famous white suit was known as the Concha suit, and was one of the most famous suits that Elvis ever wore). Beyond the right suit for your Elvis Presley costume, you also need a jet black Elvis wig, Elvis’ trademark sunglasses, those funky stick-on sideburns, and a pair of blue suede shoes for an added bit of authenticity.

But guys aren’t the only ones who can get their “Elvis” on with an Elvis costume. We also point you toward Elvis Presley costumes for women, kids and pets!

Soon, however, Elvis Presley was to change the trend. He came wearing those wildly designed suits in gold lame or white with ample oozing sexiness. The ladies went crazy for Elvis and his dressing style and men started to appreciate and admire the new fashion trend brought in by Elvis.

Why not to create the same magic this Halloween as was created by Elvis during 50s and 60s? Elvis Presley costumes are a perfect choice for Halloween. You can get yourself the complete getup of Elvis: Elvis clothes, Elvis wig, Elvis sunglasses, the trademark sideburns, Elvis shoes and list goes on and on. Dressed up as Elvis, you are certainly going to be the kind of the Halloween evening. Even you may not be that great singer as Elvis, you can at least look like him to some extent.

Some people prefer making Elvis costumes at home. Though, this idea might work to some extent, it is indeed difficult, if not impossible, to get the right look. A readymade Elvis costume, on the other hand, is specially designed to give you that perfect Elvis look. Good news is that they are very much affordable and are not going to cost you a fortune. Of course, you can make it as elaborate as you want if you don’t mind spending some extra bucks.

So, get in the mood with perfect Elvis Presley costumes and accessories.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Don’t forget the blue suede shoes! Accessorizing Elvis Presley costumes means taking a trip back in time and down memory lane to when Elvis was “king” and rock-n-roll was real music! Elvis accessories can include any number of Elvis authentic looking wigs that depict Elvis’ hair at various times throughout his career; Elvis’ jewelry including necklaces and rings; Elvis shoes, including the aforementioned blue suede variety and so much more. With the plethora of different Elvis accessories on the market, the hardest part of getting your look right may be narrowing down your choices to just a few!

Measuring for Your Costume

Looking like the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, means buying Elvis Presley costumes that really fit well. Elvis was known for his tight fitting pants, and luckily many of today’s costumes are spandex so that you can get the look while also allowing your tummy and the rest of your body to breathe. More ‘giving’ materials like spandex also allow you to gyrate and move like the King himself. Be sure to take your measurements before ordering your Elvis costume, since you will want to get the size right the first time. Measure your height, weight, and then take a tape measure to get your exact hip, chest and waist size prior to buying your Elvis duds.

These days, who wouldn’t want to dress up like the king himself? Dressing like Elvis was the most in-thing in the 50s and 60s, and the trend has hardly decreased in recent years. The Elvis costume is exclusively for men and the good thing is, size does not matter. You can be the young and dashing Elvis of his earlier years or the chubby version of him, who had a voice that could have you swooning. White with gold embroidery down an open V-neck shirt was his trademark. A massive embroidered belt too. Do not forget those long sideburns, the twisted lock of hair down the forehead and those huge sunglasses.

Elvis Presley Costumes for upcoming Halloween

Adult costume parties have become extremely popular in last some years. And out of all costumes parties, the most famous one are the Halloween parties. Today, it is not just the young children who dress up for Halloween and it is also not only ghost and witch costumes that are worn. Elvis Presley costumes are one of the most enduring favourites when it comes to adult costume parties.

You cannot go wrong in an Elvis Presley costume. People can instantly make out an Elvis Presley costume. However, Elvis Presley suit is not enough to give you that complete look. There are various add ons such as the 1950s hair style with thick, wide and dark side burns and the sleekly long and combed back hairs. You can easily buy inexpensive plastic wigs that would do a fairly good job in conveying the right look; however, by investing a few more bucks you can buy a better quality wig which will not only convey the perfect look but would last several seasons in case you would want to wear it again in other costume parties.

Then, you would need the sunglasses – the famous Elvis Presley sunglasses. Your Elvis Presley getup would be always incomplete without the trademark Elvis sunglasses.

The typical Elvis Presley costume set includes a jumpsuit, scarf and belt. More often than not, you would need to buy accessories like shoes, wig and sunglasses additionally for that perfect Elvis look.

And last but certainly not the least, the total Elvis “package” is more than just the wigs and the costume. It is the way the legendary Elvis stood & his signature moves, particularly the way he used to swivel his hips. So invest some time to learn that also and rock as Elvis Presley this Halloween.

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